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Automating Tintri with vRA and vRO – Workflow Updates and Webinar

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A while back I wrote some workflows with Adam Cavaliere on Automating Tintri with VMware vRealize Orchestrator. These were posted on my old blog and can still be found here. So you know where to find things going forward, all of this content is in the process of being moved here to via this new blog series.

We showed demos of those workflows to hundreds of our customers at Ahead and Tintri and received tons of great feedback. There were things we didn’t get around to the first time and finally we have been able to do some big updates which we think you will find extremely useful.

Over the coming weeks, we will be releasing blog posts showing how to use the new workflows. These posts will help you configure the workflows and get up and running with them quickly. Furthermore, Adam and I are hosting a joint Ahead/Tintri Webinar on April 7th where you can see all of these workflows in action.


So what are the updates:

  • Updated Tintri REST Login Workflow and Actions
  • Updated Snapshot workflow with additional error handling
  • Replication Workflow – Setting up a replication policy and triggering replication on demand
  • Sync VM Updates – Updates and improvements to these workflows
  • Sync VM and Data Sanitization Example – Using vRO to extend Sync VM so it sanitizes PII data
  • Integrating with ServiceNow
  • vRealize Automation Examples of Day 2 Operations – Long overdue and something I showed a few people some time ago, but this makes it real and ties into the Hybrid Cloud series Amy and I are writing.
  • Multiple other small code updates to improve reliability and support Tintri Global center

We hope you will agree there is lots of great content and useful workflows here. Over 500 people downloaded the workflows before and we hope you can continue to give us feedback so we can continue to improve them.

Where can I get them?

For right now, the packages are being uploaded to GitHub.

Please comment here or on the specific blog posts that come out with any feedback on the specific modules.

Stay tuned for more info coming soon on here and at Tintri and Ahead.